Clones of Illadelph

First of all let's talk about these ill capers
And fly ass frontin' bitches that now caught vapors
Niggaz run up on you with guns, snatchin' papers
Outlined body chalk, is how they would scrape ya………

M.A.R.S. Co-Op

Clone by The Roots 1996

It was the fall of 1996 and I was starting my sophomore year of high school.  One day after school I went to my homie Rene Figueroa’s house where he told me I had to listen to this track, “Clones,” and after the first 4 bars I was hooked – a Roots fan for life.  As the years passed my love for hip hop and art grew stronger. The moment I started putting up art in the city of Philadelphia I was shocked by how welcomed I was. I come from Hudson County New Jersey where there are way more haters than supporters so I didn’t expect to get so much love from a city that I wasn’t from. William Penn knew what was up by calling it the City of Brotherly Love. That being said, Philly has a special place in my heart and I wanted to give back to those who have motivated, inspired and showed me love.   

I present to you the Clones of Illadelph.

P.S. Black Thought is Top 5 Dead or Alive 😉